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Equipped with the best handwrite drawing engine in the world, UPAD will surprise you when you start to write on it with a stylus pen or your finger – because it brings a feeling very close to writing on an actual paper!
UPAD promised smoothness and speed, on top of countless differentiated features from other similar apps.
Let us enlighten you with what UPAD can do.

3 in 1. UPAD is the answer !!!

"Note taking + PDF reader & annotating + Photo editing"

<< 3 modes of UPAD >>

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Note PAD
You can begin by choosing one of the many paper style templates.
Select this mode for taking notes in your college classes, documenting
your business meeting with clients, or simple doodling.

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Book PAD
Download your favorite books in PDF form via iTunes file sharing
or just open it through “Open in UPAD”. Now you can add memo,
highlight, and make sketches on your PDF files. Want to add Post it?
No problem! Select any color and size for your Post it memo.

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Photo PAD
Redesign your photo file by selecting a photo frame, add a comment
or two, and then add decoration with color pencil tool. UPAD gives
you an ability to archive your memories in your own way.

<< Key Features >>

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Drawing mode
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] Draw or write fast with your finger or a stylus
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] Pen & Highlighter: color & width option
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] 2 type erasers: pen type & stroke eraser

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Typing mode
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] Simple text adding feature with keyboard
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] Various font type, size and color option
..[Bild: 2714-fe0f.png] Background color option

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Palm-rest: No need to worry about your palm interfering with your writing
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Magnifying input mode: Write precise note as you want to
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Zoom-in & out with 2 fingers

<< Additional features >>

[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] PDF export: Transfer notes to PDF files and send it to your e-mail
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] VGA out : Connect iPAD to your desktop screen or a projector and show UPAD on the large screen for the presentation.
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Folder management feature support
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] UPAD data backup and restore
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] AirPrint support
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Twitter, Facebook upload support
[Bild: 270f-fe0f.png] Open in other apps : available to export PDF files created by UPAD to other apps directly or use it as a new BookPAD template

<< UPAD support link >>

UPAD official website :
UPAD demo video :
Question & request : [email protected]
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