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All good things
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Zitat:It was an incredible ride, guys, and I'm sincerely grateful
to everybody who made this happen.
As some of you may know, from the 7th of November 2008 I'm a father.
All my efforts are now focused on my family then, later, I'll start some other project
maybe related with the iPhone, maybe not.
So, from now the domain (Pagerank 6 on Google) is FOR SALE.
Here's how the sale works:
Go to the donation page, donate $50 and write your buy offer in the
donation description free text field.
At the end of the sale the highest bid will get the domain.
Direct emails will not count as bids.
If by the end of the sale the maximum bid will not meet my minumum requirement,
all $50 donations will be refunded and the sale won't happen.
Sale result and winning bidder will appear on this site.
The sale will end on 20th January 2009.
If the winner won't pay the bid by the 10th of February 2009,
the 2nd higher bidder will be the winner.
There is a banner on the right side of this site.
That banner links to a site which evaluate other sites.
Bids lower than 1/3 of the "Net Worth" will be rejected.
The daily ads revenue on that site is pretty accurate.
And so is the daily pageview (average in the last months).
Happy bidding.

Nur sinngemäß: Wegen der Geburt des Kindes möchte Zibri voll und ganz für die Familie da sein. Die domain steht nun zum Verkauf an: Die Bieter Spenden 50$ und unterbreiten dabei ein Angebot, wer das Meiste bietet, erhält auch den Zuschlag. Gebotsabgabe bis 20.01.2009.

Der Wert der Seite beträgt ca 150.000$ (HIER )

[Bild: 26107641.happybidding.BMP]