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Normale Version: Never before have bugs been so welcome on the iPhone!
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As of August 4 hairy bugs will invade your iPhone.

The brandnew game presented by the makers of “Yetisports” and “Klaus” is a classic picture hunt game with certain twists.
Each round you are presented with two nearly identical images. Your job is to spot the 4 differences!

There are 500 pictures, a two player mode and the possibility to gamble. Are you sure that you are fast enough? Decrease the timer to increase your reward!

More information and pictures on: ---===||| ROOT9 MediaLab - iPHONE Apps |||===---

[Bild: screen1.jpg]
[Bild: screen2.jpg]
[Bild: screen3.jpg]
Tolle Werbung, und wenn deine Marketingabteilung das auch noch gleich in Deutsch übersetzen würde wäre ich eurer Firma auch noch dankbar

Some game PromoCodes got lost on

Find them and be the first to play Yetisports or 4Bugs for free on your iPhone.