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Folding carton boxes are classic and one of the best types of product packaging. Here are 5 of our favorite folding carton box designs.

The classic folding carton box has been around for centuries. It is the standard option that most consumers first think of when it comes to packaging. Although simple, certain companies have an innovative approach to their boxes. Here are our 5 favorite folding carton box designs.

Artisan Anatolia

[Bild: artisan-anatolia-folding-carton-box-design.jpg]Source

The design of Artisan Anatolia’s folding carton boxes is heavily influenced by the labor of women artisans around the world. The packaging uses different Turkish cultural symbols that reflect this handiwork, such as the sun, stars, and fruit. It's clear that the design is feminine, but also represents strength. The intriguing blend of colors and characters truly make this packaging amusing!

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CS Light Bulbs

[Bild: cs-light-bulbs-folding-carton-box-design...window.jpg]Source

The packaging design of CS Light Bulbs is pure genius to say the least. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s vision of firefly light, this company decided to perfectly fit the outline of their product onto the body of an insect. The product certainly stands out against competitors because of the unique way it is presented. Who would’ve thought bugs could be so attractive?

Kylie Cosmetics

[Bild: kylie-cosmetics-lipstick-folding-carton-box-design.jpg]Source

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner has become a world renowned cosmetics brand since its launch in 2018. The design of the “Kylie Lip Kit” is certainly something that catches the eye. The phrase “less is more” truly shines in this minimalist packaging style. The bold block letters with the soft color palette provide an eccentric feel to the packaging. This edgy packaging style proves to be effective due to the sales of this product.


[Bild: casetify-folding-carton-box-with-hang-ta...window.jpg]Source

Casetify phone cases are all about creativity and individuality. With their customizable cases, anything is possible. Casetify uses a folding carton box with a hang tab, paired with a transparent window to let each of their cases be seen and speak for themselves. Paired with the black highlighted company logo against the white background, this packaging is all about expression.

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Homecoming Candles

[Bild: homecoming-candles-folding-carton-box-design.jpg]Source

There’s nothing like opening a fresh candle for the first time. Homecoming Candles creates candles to remind people of the smell of home. The unique positioning of the words wrapped around the box makes full use of the real estate on the box. The pastel tones along with the simple, yet bold font is all tied together with the gold foil embellishment. This simple, rustic box packaging design forces consumers to take notice.


Ready to get started with folding carton boxes for your brand? Get an instant quote and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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Von "wo" kommen die Videos? Windows PC? Mac?

Mac: Einfach per Airdrop.

Windows: Soll die "Originallösung" verwendet werden? Dann per iTunes. Gibt aber auch genügend andere Möglichkeiten anderer Hersteller, z.B.

Ein bestimmtes Video funktioniert bei mir auch nicht. Habe dann auf dem iPhone (12 mini) nur einen weißen Fleck und der Ton ist auch nicht da. Meine Frage: Gibt es da eine bestimmte Begrenzung? Das Video ist ziemlich groß (32MB). Ich übertrage mit CopyTrans.
Gruß aus Dresden

wenn du auf Nummer sicher gehen möchtest, wandelst du das Video vorher mit Handbrake MacOS/ Windows um. Der Vorteil, es gibt Presets für das gewünschte Gerät.

Ich nutze zum hinzufügen eines Videos von meinem Arbeitsplatz Windows PC den Umweg über Dropbox. Videos in den Ordner legen und in der iOS App dann auf Video teilen/ sichern.

@FSTDD 32 MB ist gefühlt nichts...da wird wohl eher ein falscher Codec im Spiel sein 🤷‍♂️


Das hat prima funktioniert. Die erzeugte M4V Datei hat sich problemlos übertragen lassen. Danke Euch Beiden!
Übrigens kam die ursprüngliche Datei vom JouTubeSongDownloader von Abelsoft. Mir ist schon paarmal aufgefallen, daß die Jungens nicht ganz sauber programmieren. Sei es drum, jetzt bin ich glücklich.

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