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Tips to Win at Table Tennis

The first ping pong (better known as table tennis) by the American players is played on the Mayflower on the desk made from the deck. I know this is a fact because I'm descended from George Soule, the 35 who signed the Mayflower Compact.

[Bild: pingpongstart-pingpong-Table-1.jpg]
George knew how to work with his hands and that is why he was an indentured servant for some years after arriving in Plymouth. That's how he got the ticket on the boat. He returned to England several times on behalf of Plymouth Colony. Why I'm not sure yet he has crossed his secret to victory at Table Tennis on a Rolling Deck. Of course, he built the Mayflower pong table. 
There is a tradition in our family that table tennis is also played on Noah's ship with the chimpanzee winning the Forty Day tournament. It's just a rumor. Read more How to hold a ping pong paddle correctly for newbie  to looking for information.
But certainly, the real reason that Adam leaves the Garden of Eden is that he has chased his table ball outside the cold and cruel world. Eve has a great piece.
Too much for history. We are here to pontificate about winning the table tennis game.
First, we have to look into the device.
The table should belong twice the width and need four net divides.
The paddle must be large twice the hands of a man and that man should be Andre the Giant.
The ball will light and round and it will bounce back.
So much for the device.
Now for some techniques to win. In this article, we will have only time for the "twist shot " As I have an appointment with my chiropractor.
Chinese Twist Shot
[Bild: pingpongstart-pingpong-Table.jpg]

China is the world's largest table tennis player. They should have an early beginning in the Phing dynasty of leprosy. The table must be placed at the center of a basketball pitch to allow the move of the player. One hit ten (10) meters is not uncommon. Chinese Twist is achieved in a spinning motion of the player, where he or she spins the entire 6400 circular plants (360 degrees) temporarily concealing the table ball and replacing a rice ball. A good blow put the rice ball right into the competition's mouth causing him or her to be choking and falling into the floor, resulting in being eliminated when medical personnel was unable to revive their goals.
The Mongolian Twist Twist
The players are mounted on the horse moving fast, and in some cases the camel of dromedary or the kind of Arabian Camel, Camelus Dromedarius, and the shot is carried out by skillful motorists slipping under the abdomen of the mountain, taking tail animals and pulling themselves back on Mountains through the posterior limbs of creatures. Shoots are done at any point of confusing motion opponents. A loud scream of the shooter is made in the scene "Uuuhuhhh " is translated as "Let's say you're the Mongolian pig! "
The Twist Twist of Georgia
This is a direct copy of the Mongolian twist, except for the mounts are shaggy hair asses and the candidates spend two hours making vodka toast together before the game. Some say that footage has never been done by the Georgian people.
Shoot Turkey Twist
The photo is no longer used by the Turks. Somehow the substitute of a eggplant for a rice ball was not successful.
Italian Owl
Meatballs are a good alternative to the Chinese rice ball so the photo is still in use except during Lent.
French Twist Shot
This is also known as Steroid Twist Shot and has been banned by the International Table Tennis Association, INC.
Spanish Twist Shot
El Toro, Bull, replaced the Mongolian and Georgian mounts. Nobody really tried it as I knew.
British Twist Twist
The English version of the Mongolian Twist Twist uses horse ponies and has retired horse racing from Ascot and they are always playing twice. The British removed the part between the two legs, but simply appeared on the other side after shooting between the previous legs of the horse. The shot is "unobtrusive" according to Prince Charles, who hates table tennis. It's not a really twisted shot. Read What is the Standard size of a ping pong table? To help you play better this sport.

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