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[Gelöst] bite sms

Choose Credits:
Payment Currency is
6 cents per SMS credit.
€3 for 50 SMS credits
€6 for 105 SMS credits (5 free credits!)
€12 for 210 SMS credits (10 free credits!)
€30 for 550 SMS credits (50 free credits!)
Credits include a license for 12 months.
Or Choose License:
€4.95 for full license (only required for biteSMS v3.0 and higher)
Full licenses don't expire, and don't include credits.

was is die license für 4,95 euro ? hab früher auch schon mal credis gekauft !

Zitat:Anyone can request a once off free trial license for a period of time, currently set to 20-days to use biteSMS. Anyone who has purchased credits will get an implicit license during the period in which they have those credits (so for a 12-month period from the date they were purchased). So lets say you purchased credits back in December 2008, then you’ll get an implicit license until December 2009. So, in effect no additional charge for users who have been supporting us and paying for biteSMS credits. Purchase a full (so does not expire) license for a very reasonable fee (to be decided, but probably around 6 USD).
A license will be tied to a given iPhone device, but like with credit transfers to new phones, we’ll of course be reasonable in allowing transfers.

aus beitrag #10

bekomm ich bei cydia nur die 3.1 bite sms ? oder geht auch was drunter ?

Nur 3.1...

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[Gelöst] Bite SMS
Letzter Beitrag von saldari
19.02.2009, 17:20

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