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iPhone 6 startet nicht mehr/Jailbreak/Akku defekt?

Im 28 years of age and i am inside the Dallas, Texas, area.

When maybe you have begin best complete skateboards?

I had been ten when my mother bought me my first board. I received my first real skateboard within the yard sale also it may be a Think. It had been the first skateboard that have real bearings there, in order that it was faster. All of the ones before that have shitty bearings and they also were slow.

Which kind of terrain maybe you have start skating if you figured the easiest method to ride a board?

I'd a big passion for small ramps inside the skateparks. After we saw vert ramps we simply believed that they are for the pros to skate. We really never saw anybody skate them. We'd play SKATE across the flatbottom within the vert ramp.

How about street skating?

Yeah, it had been always difficult to visit the skateparks, therefore we began vulnerable to downtown Dallas. In the my first trip downtown, seeing a marble ledge the very first time. The raddest feeling was skating around with my pals within the city. I attempted to skate everything, though.

Therefore you were getting boards from Switch for some time you gone after California. What went lower there?

I acquired a prank call from someone pretending to obtain Geoff Rowley determined out it had been an associate fucking when camping. However released somewhat video part and very stood a call from Geoff about six a few days later and began getting boards from their site. I gone after California plus it was coping with Curren in Ventura.

What went lower with Switch?

I just felt like I did not be a part of they and 1 think these were looking for somebody youthful than me. It truly did not fit. I acquired the Olive Garden routine where they needed me to dinner, had me order within the kids' menu then allow me to go.

Then next, Krooked. What went lower there?

Well, I acquired boards from Baker for a while. That did not concentrate on all. Nonetheless it had been awesome getting boards from their site.

So then Gonz calls you up--

No, no. He most likely does not understand how to use a telephone. He sent a carrier pigeon through an email. Joking. I rode by themselves take into account roughly 3 years. It had been an illusion be recognized. I had been doing the entire Luxurious factor.

What really transpired?

Extended story short, I had been filming and shooting photos there's talk in the welcome-to-the-team ad. Somewhat afterwards within the Trash a part of Thrasher, it pointed out I had been the brand-new guy on Krooked. I spoken to Luxurious and they also pointed out it had been a misprint, insufficient communication. Our relationship kind of dissipated. Well, I quit, however think a couple of dudes across the team had mixed feelings of getting me across the team. I recognize who these were and they also were my pals.

Exactly how did your Auby's World video part happen?

I acquired a difficult disk but got our footage from Krooked. I visited Tony Vitello anf the husband reduced the issue released Auby's World across the Thrasher site.

That video part really was good.

Which was my first big video part. I did not possess a board sponsor to back me and Tony reduced the issue out. I had been 24 or 25 and thought my career ended next. The foreign exchange marketplace is difficult and lots of kids do not get you need to enter that you simply fit into.

Okay, so then Lucero puts yourself Black Label. He requires a street dude across the team and you are the individual.

Yeah, it had been amazing how that labored out.

So happen to be on Label to create the road heat and unexpectedly you are starting to be a whole-blown tranny skater, hitting Washington Street, backyard pools along with the vert ramps.

Yeah, among Krooked and Label I had been pretty unhappy and merely preferred to possess a break and uncover things i chosen over really skate, function my very own, personal factor.

Where did the progres derive from?

I acquired hurt street skating together with surgery within my left ankle. I had been out for eight a few days i then began skating small ramps a great deal. I saw Josh Stafford perform handplant at Double Rock and it also was the very first time I'd seen someone do 1 inch real existence.

 I had been always the dude inside the contest searching to acquire within the bowl jams, doing back tail backside flips out. However came out as if a street skater within the bowl I just chosen over understand to skate tranny correctly.

So it is precisely what sparked it?
[Bild: samarria_brevard-21188f88.jpg]

Yeah, Cardiel and Gonz were guys that people researched to due to their all-terrain abilities. I respect all of the street guys. It requires lots of work to achieve this stuff. But it is awesome to flee your rut and find out more and then skate everything.

So what exactly is Lucero thinking now? He wants street and you are repairing your inverts and trolling underneath the bridge. what size skateboard
I assumed he was crazy. I had been, like, you are John Lucero. You are a vert skater. Should not you be stoked the road skater needs a shine with this particular? Black Label is not a street company it's actually a thrilling-terrain company, well, i think Used to the most effective factor.

You peer to get a heavy late 80's Take advantage of Phillips vibe happening. When maybe you have get to cover focus on him?

Take advantage of Phillips is a big influence can skate vert. I assumed he looked the very best i got really inspired by his skating. I lookup to many different skaters, though, apart from Take advantage of: Craig Manley, Gibson, Pennington, Dan Wilkes--everybody dudes from Dallas are sick.

Also Monty Nolder, Chris Miller and lots of others. For me vert became a member of a completely different direction with spin-to-win maneuvers and being jockified by X Games and that. That 80's era of skating matters an excellent me. It comes where I am from and individuals old methods just came out more rad in individuals days.

Mike Crum was giving me and  saying I am a tech street skater i must be flipping my board and taking individuals means of the vert ramp. I preferred to understand all the basics first--a powerful lien air, alley-oops airs--before trying to change exterior and interior shit. I'm capable of switch my board on vert but my primary focus is exactly what feels right contributing to create.

I have been providing them with a go. I am not concerned about it, but it might be rad to land among individuals.

Maybe you have have negative feed back across the Take advantage of Phillips Sim cards graphic that you simply helpful for Black Label?

I did not need to do that graphic which was John's idea. I heard a great deal about him anf the husband was preferred among lots of skaters. I had been worried that people may be pissed within the Dallas area. If they're, I haven't heard anything. The main reason John preferred to utilize which was since i have am from Dallas and everybody knows he's typically the most popular skater. That's generate earnings began entering produced boards. I really purchased a geniune Phillips deck on eBay i skated it and loved acquiring a produced board. It had been a real tribute to Take advantage of and Texas generally. That board, after it demonstrated up in this region, meant more for me than my first pro board that John provided.

The Dallas dudes was a gnarly status in individuals days.

Yeah, they did. They'd demonstrated up in the town, smoke all of your weed, fuck your girlfriend and win your competitors.

For anybody who's born twenty five years approximately earlier, you believe you might have run together?

This is a great question. They'd most likely spit within my face and let me know to visit home i may likely revisit. However think we'd be buddies.

Perhaps you have met any type of individuals guys?

Used to meet Craig Manley lately anf the husband described to do a frontside invert across the ramp i stuck. For me he was more stoked with this particular than landing it. He provided props about just like a street dude who made the decision to skate vert.

In case you could pick one of Take advantage of Phillips' methods and do something much like him, what can it be?

The Booster. Second fot it, his alley-oop frontside ollies.

You have been reaching Neil Blender, right? What sort of understanding does Neil provide you with?

Well, I have learned more details on bushings and pivot cups than I ever have to know. And the ways to get chicks. He's really pushing me to understand sweeper reverts. He tends to make anxiety away. If you are ever within the too serious mood, visit Neil's.

You still showing up in the roads?

No, considerably less. I am not when it comes to this. I just already did everything I preferred to complete. Basically get a new challenge it will be something If perhaps to skate, to from the ante of something I've already done. I'm capable of still jump lower some big stuff, however goes six feet round the vert ramp all day. That shit's fun. It is a whole new world " " " personally. I like the task plus it does not come easy. Instead Of imagined just like a street skater you can study how you can skate vert.

 I assumed you are whether vert baby or maybe a street skater. There's just more flow skating vert. I just got burnt on spending all day looking for spots, skating a ledge, obtaining your board, moving your ankle, using traffic, NBDs--it is simply lots of work. I'm skating more now than I've have I recieve fun. I had been skating with Andrew Reynolds as well as the daughter Stella a few days ago inside the vert ramp, helping Stella learn fastplants. Which was really awesome. Andrew was asking the easiest method to trigger a corner wheels on backside airs. I had been telling him that understanding how to not ollie may be the hardest trick to understand for backside airs.

I recognize you will find individuals who're always asking, "What's Auby's deal recently?" So let them know.

Many individuals just do not get it that i am only skating one factor. Appears for instance individuals who're mad that people stopped skating street are that did not provide a after i was, so--whatever. I skate to keep things interesting and that is it. I skate personally. best skateboards

@phuongtam Der Jailbreak ist wohl tatsächlich zerschossen, der DFU Modus sollte es wieder zum laufen bringen, wenn... sonst nichts kaputt ist.

Wieso sollte Apple einen Sturzschaden als Garantiefall akzeptieren? Es sei denn Du hast einen Care.

Jo versuch mal in den DFU Modus zu gehn.. dann wirds schon zum neu installen gehn.. ob es dann noch komplett funktioniert wirst sehn.

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