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How can I unjailbreak with my current situation?
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jaisonsharma Offline
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11.10.2018, 13:46 | #1
How can I unjailbreak with my current situation?
Sorry for the questions, but did not find the solutions in the faqs to be helpful. I'm on iOS trying to unjailbreak my phone due to certain apps having jailbreak detection and i want to upgrade to iOS 12. I'm on iOS 11.4 beta 3, i've tried ElectraRemover and Rollelectra like 30+ times but the app still shows that a jailbreak is detected. In order to use delectra I need to be in a jailbroken state but also have not been able to rejailbreak with the vfs exploit after many attempts. Rollelectra is not working. Does anyone know what I can jailbreak and remove jailbreak files from my device?Rufus MapQuest UpToDate
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11.10.2018, 15:00 | #2
RE: How can I unjailbreak with my current situation?
@jaisonsharma Check DFU Modus, that the way it works.
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