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automatisches abdunkeln und sperren des displays

Evaluation: Chicago city officials set up Ping-Pong tables around the city to Be Used by anyone

In downtown Chicago this weekend, the Ping-Pong balls also will be flying. Over a hundred contestants will take up paddles at a tournament of champions, the final event of Chicago Ping-Pong 2000. It started last month when city officials installed tens of thousands of Ping-Pong tables anywhere, from sidewalks to resort lobbies to public libraries. NPR's David Nelna has the story.
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Ping-Pong 2000 was the brainchild of Lois Weisberg, whose commissioner of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs. She states she was under a great deal of pressure this season to come up with something which could rival the painted Fiberglas cows that brought countless people to Chicago last summer. 1 suggestion was painted aldermen, however, Weisberg says she favored a notion that was bouncing around in her head for a while.

[Bild: holding-the-ping-pong-paddle.jpg]

Commissioner LOIS WEISBERG (Department of Cultural Affairs)I thought, let's try the Ping-Pong tables. Put Ping-Pong tables within our spacious plazas, inside of our buildings, in businesses, and see what happens.'

(Soundbite of Ping-Pong game)

Nelna: Along Michigan Avenue, near the Chicago River and out the stately old Wrigley Building, a guy and a woman gamely volley a Ping-Pong chunk at a continuous breeze at a desk set up on a wide sidewalk.

Mr. GUY SCHAFFER (Truck Driver): I believe in about ten years you're going to be ready for a tournament.

Nelna: Guy Schaffer, who's a truck driver from Hammond, Indiana, says he and his companion had never thought about playing Ping-Pong in public until they seen this table invitingly equipped with paddles and balls.

Mr. SCHAFFERWe just stumbled upon it, and I asked her did she want to play some, did she know how to perform? I used to play sometime, but not outside in the general public. This is neat. I like this.

Nelna: What about acting at the end here?

Mr. SCHAFFER: Oh, that's why I started the ball has, like, have a mind of its own in such a wind. It is turning. I figure if you're a skilled player, it really wouldn't matter. But us being beginners--but this is the Windy City, therefore I do not think there would be a day we come down we would not be playing in the wind.

Nelna: Schaffer's Ping-Pong partner is Terri Haus(ph), who possesses an escort service in Nashville. She says it doesn't matter to her if it's windy.

Ms. TERRI HAUS (Escort Service Owner): As a matter of fact, it is better, really.

Nelna: Why is this?

Ms. HAUS: Because it feels so good outdoors and, you know, I don't like to sweat. I love to be cool and nice and comfy.

Nelna: Playing Ping-Pong out, especially in the wind tunnels of Chicago, may not be good preparation for the big leagues. Ben Nisbet heads USA Table Tennis, a host of Chicago Ping-Pong 2000. On flipboard, we talk anymore about size off ping pong table:

Mr. BEN NISBET (USA Table Tennis): It is Hard to play at the end. If you want to play elite-level table tennis and crush the ball in a hundred miles an hour, you need basically no air flow.

(Soundbite of Ping-Pong ball being hit)

Man 1: Ahhh!

Person 2: Oh, which almost put an eye out.

Man 3: It's only funny until somebody loses an eye.

Woman: Oh, gee.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Nelna: At a glowing, glass-ceilinged courtyard at the Harold Washington Public Library, a few local radio disc jockeys wage a paddle battle in front of a wisecracking audience. It is among the many Ping-Pong tournaments which have taken place in Chicago within the last couple of weeks. Bill Leff of WGN Radio ended up winning this one.

[Bild: ping-pong-table-pingpongstart.jpg]

Mr. BILL LEFF (WGN Radio): I have a Ping-Pong dining table in the basement, and I am the only person I know that doesn't utilize it to get dirty clothes and papers and materials. All the time and I actually play. But yeah, this really is a great idea. I mean it blows off those silly cows from the water from this past year.

Nelna: Others disagree. A local newspaper columnist complained about what he called'those dumb Ping-Pong tables.' City officials say the tables, which were given by Sears, will go to places such as youth detention facilities and nursing homes. And, they say, expect painted Fiberglas furniture next summer on Chicago's sidewalks. David Nelna, Chicago, NPR News.

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Wenn Du automatische Sperre auf nie hast, kannst Du darauf auch lange warten, stell mal testweise auf 2 Minuten. Alles unter Einstellungen Anzeige&Helligkeit.

@queylotrie wenn du die automatische Sperre auf nie setzt, kann das auch nicht gehen. Das Display dunkelt nur ab bzw. schaltet sich aus wenn du eine automatische Sperre aktiviert hast.

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