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Apple veröffentlich Xcode 5.1.1 GM Seed für Entwickler

Apple hat soeben die GM Seed von Xcode 5.1.1 für registrierte Entwickler veröffentlicht. Sie trägt die Build-Nummer 5B1008 und hat eine Größe von 2,29GB. Registrierte Entwickler können die neue Version über das iOS-Dev-Center herunterladen. Habe ihn jetzt so drin: „Da dies die Golden Master ist, liegt die Vermutung nahe, dass Xcode 5.1.1 zeitnah auch für die Allgemeinheit veröffentlicht wird. Die sogenannte Golden Master ist in der Regel immer die letzte Beta und entspricht in der Regel der Retail-Version, sofern sich beim Test durch die Entwickler nicht noch gravierende Fehler in der GM zeigen.
Es wurden im Gegensatz zur Vorgängerversion etliche Fehler behoben und auch neue Funktionen wurden integriert. Details dazu findet ihr weiter unten.
Falls ihr noch weitere Neuerungen oder Bugs finden solltet, welche noch nicht in den Seed-Notes enthalten sind, könnt ihr diese gerne im Diskussions-Thread melden, wir werden diese dann in die News einfügen.

Hier nun wie weiter oben erwähnt die Release Notes:

What’s New in Xcode 5.1

Arm64 is Now a Standard Architecture

Xcode 5.0 introduced support for building 64-bit iOS applications. The new architecture was not enabled by default, that is, it was not added to the “standard architectures” list, in order to give developers a transition period to opt into supporting it. To make 64-bit easy to adopt, Xcode 5.0 also introduced a new Architectures setting: Standard Architectures Including 64-Bit (ARCHS_STANDARD_INCLUDING_64_BIT).

In Xcode 5.1, arm64 is included as a standard architecture by default, so projects using the standard architectures setting will now automatically start building for it along with the other standard 32-bit architectures. Any project not able to support 64-bit will need to specifically set the Architectures build setting to not include 64-bit.

To build for all architectures projects should remove any explicit Architectures setting: i.e. use the default standard architectures setting. And projects that previously opted into using the Xcode 5.0 „Standard Architectures Including 64-Bit” setting can now remove it. The „Standard Architectures Including 64-Bit” setting has also been redefined to be $(ARCHS_STANDARD).

When opening a project, Xcode 5.1 may display a warning about the use of the Xcode 5.0 setting: selecting the warning will provide a workflow to remove the setting for you.

OS X Garbage Collection

Xcode 5.1 does not support building and debugging apps and frameworks that use OS X Objective-C garbage collection. Attempting to build such targets will result in a build error. It is recommended that any projects using GC employ Xcode’s migration tool to convert to ARC (Automatic Reference Counting).

Installing Device Support

Xcode has a new -installComponents command line argument. It will launch Xcode, install Xcode’s required device support packages and then quit Xcode. (15127411)


Developers can now provide Quick Look content for their classes. When an instance of a class is Quick Look’d via the variables view or a data tip, the debugger looks for a method named debugQuickLookObject. This method is expected to return an object with an existing Xcode Quick Look; e.g. UIImage, NSAttributedString, etc. (12723736)

In Xcode 5.1 log breakpoint actions now print out the logical value of expressions. For example, a log breakpoint action like „myString = @myString@“ will now print the value of myString, rather than the pointer value. (13211695)

Interface Builder

IB documents can now contain specific information about new features they use and the OS versions they require, so previous versions of Xcode can display better warning messages w!hen trying to open such documents. (7659982)

Building interfaces in Interface Builder using auto layout now offers the full suite of possible constraint types: aspect ratios, proportional sizes and positions, cross attribute alignments, and a!new constraint inspector with features for editing nearly all properties of a constraint.

IB’s constraint Attributes inspector now shows a constraint’s items and attributes and allows editing of the attributes. This enables the ability to create cross attribute constraints such as view1.centerY = view2.bottom. (13739009)

IB now allows editing the relation of any type of constraint, including alignment constraints (e.g. view1.leading <= view2.leading) and equal size constraints (e.g. view1.width >= view2.width) (14721954)

You can now create aspect ratio and proportional sizing constraints and edit the multiplier of constraints in Interface Builder. The multipler can be a decimal number (e.g. 0.5), a fraction (1/2) or an aspect ratio (1:2) (11935843)

Constraints attached to ambiguous views in IB now only draw orange in the axis with ambiguity. This makes it even quicker to identify a potential problem in the canvas. (15114120)

The canvas in IB now displays overlay scrollers when appropriate, based on the „Show scroll bar“ setting in the General pane in System Preferences. (10069033)

The Inspector now has support for:

  • NSTableView’s floatsGroupRows property (9617000)
  • UISegmentedControl’s apportionsSegmentWidthsByContent property (9950528)
  • UITableView’s sectionIndexBackgroundColor property (14776025)
  • setting „Detail“ button type for prototype UITableViewCell’s editingAccessoryType property (15039987)


As of Apple LLVM compiler version 5.1 (clang-502) and later, the optimization level -O4 no longer implies LTO (link time optimization). In order to build with LTO explicitly use the -flto option in addition to the optimization level flag. (15633276)

Instruments & Symbolication

Instruments now finds symbols much more reliably. (14269449) If symbols aren’t showing up automatically, try the following:

  • When Spotlight indexing is disabled for Xcode derived data, such as when using /tmp, add a global list of additional Search Paths configured in Instruments‘ preferences.
  • The context menu for an address now includes the option Symbolicate with DSYM… to add a specific symbol file.
  • Under the File menu, select Symbols… to see a more detailed list of the state of individual executables and libraries. Green lights indicate the presence of symbols and source information, yellow lights indicate libraries with some symbols but can still benefit from locating a dSYM, and red lights indicate situations that prevented symbolication.The instruments command line tool now supports specifying the simulator SDK and device type using the „-w“ flag. You can see a list of the supported simulator configurations, as well as attached devices, by running „instruments -s devices”. (14996865)


Emoji and other Unicode surrogate pairs are now supported in scheme settings and in project files. (14837623 & 13827044)

Issues Resolved in Xcode 5.1.1 GM Seed


Fixed a compiled code crash on when targeting iOS 5.1.1. (16485980)! Fixed a compiled code crash when using ARC and C++. (16368824)

Updated compiler options logic to allow „Enforce Strict Aliasing“ to be set to off with the -Ofast flag. (16368909)

Fixed a compiler error after converting a project from SenTest to XCTest. (16387456)!

Fixed a compiler error when using the -fsanitize=undefined-trap -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on- error options. (16387418)


Fixed a crash when debugging with Xcode. (16369101)

Fixed an Xcode crash with multiple debugging sessions. (16369025)

Fixed some issues with the UIView quick look popover in the Xcode variables view. (16368999)

Fixed a problem with quick look for UIImageView. (16489265)

Fixed an issue where some objects would not display in the quick look popover on the first try. (16368930)

Xcode Server

Fixed an issue where Xcode Server would sometimes incorrectly claim that the version of OS X Server is incompatible. (16436893)

Xcode Build System

Fixed assertions when using the -parallelizeTargets xcodebuild option or the Xcode build setting. (16420957)

Deprecation of SenTestingKit and OCUnit

SenTestingKit and OCUnit are deprecated and will be removed from a future release of Xcode. Source code using OCUnit will generate warnings while being compiled. Developers need to migrate to XCTest, by using the „Edit > Refactor > Convert to XCTest…“ menu command. Developers need to replace all their SenTestingKit and OCUnit code with XCTest.

Deprecation of ATS.framework

ATS.framework is being deprecated. Source code using ATS APIs will generate warnings while being compiled. For 10.8, there will be no loss of functionality but there could be areas where performance will suffer.

Developers need to replace all their ATS code (including ATSUI) with CoreText. ATS functionality will be removed in future OS X releases:

More information about this change is available at: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/ #documentation/StringsTextFonts/Conceptual/CoreText_Programming/Introduction/ Introduction.html

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